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Walid Ahmed

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Walid Ahmed (Bengali: ওয়ালিদ আহমেদ) is basically a Music Video Director, Singer, Lyricist, Radio Jockey and Program Anchor.

As a Singer
He is famous for his Bengali romantic songs.
His latest album named ‘Jitte Chaini’ has released from a reputed production house Laser Vision.  He swear that his next album will definitely be different yet a memorable project.

-Yet his first mixed album, ‘Megh Hoy Ashona’, released in 2010 was also a big hit.
-His another mixed album, ‘Jege Utho’, was released in 2011
-And the mixed album ‘Opshori’ , was released in 2012.

He also works with a number of contemporary artists, namely Dilruba Khan, Nancy, Fahmida Nabi, Sajib Das, Nirjhor, Aurin, Abanti Shithi, Ayon Chaklader, Rafat Rajib, Shoshi, Eleyas Hossain, Moutushi, Sabera and many more.

As a lyricist
Walid is an outstanding song writer.
Not only has he written for himself, he has also written more than a several musical numbers (and counting!) for other musicians and singers, both established and upcoming.

As a Director
Walid has created a lot of successful music videos through his outstanding Direction.
Some of The Most Popular Music Videos (Directed by him) are:
– ‘Megh Hoy Lukao’ -singer Fahmida Nabi
– ‘Ki Ache Jibona Amar’ -singer Dilruba Khan
– ‘Moner Pakhi Boney’ -singer Dilruba Khan
– ‘Janina Kokhon’ -singer Dilruba Khan
– ‘Shadamata Mon’ – singer Piash Reza
– ‘Jodi Amake’ – singer MaanKumari & Shan
– ‘Ak Mutho Shukh’ – singer Piash Reza
– ‘Nirghum Raat’ – singer Rony
– ‘Swopno Ghuri’ – singer Aurin & Juboraz
– ‘Jol Kona’ – singer Abanti Sithi
-‘ Neon Alo’ -singer Walid Ahmed & Moutushi
– ‘Ami Shudhu Tor’ -singer Shipra Das
– ‘Tor Icchey; -singer Walid Ahmed
– ‘Raag Vanganor Gaan’ -singer Mezba Bappy
– ‘Jadu Janey’-singer Shimul Khan
– He also played an important role at Shadamata Entertainment production house as a Director.

As a Radio Jockey
Along with singing, writing and directing, Walid is a popular Radio Jockey at Radio Ekattor 98.4 FM and Asian Radio 90.8 FM.

-He is the host of an Edu- Entertainment Program named Sangen BishwaJoy at Radio Ekattor 98.4FM, every Saturday 8.00 pm-11.00 pm.

-He was also host on a music based radio program named ‘Cafe Asian’ on Asian Radio 90.8 FM.
-Walid has worked as an anchor, namely on ‘Islamic Sawal Jawab’, an Islamic radio show on Asian Radio 90.8 FM.
-He also performed as RJ in the radio programs named ‘Morning Bells’ , ‘Music Mania’, ‘Cafe Unplugged’, ‘Amar Boi’ etc.

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